Health Care

The ACA And The State Of Dental Insurance

While the Affordable Care Act or the ACA has arguably changed the way millions of Americans access healthcare, it does not cover dental insurance for adults. In other words, only children get dental coverage under this act. This is bad news for adults facing financial difficulties because dental care in the US is extremely expensive, according to Ira Lamster, dean emeritus of the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. In fact, according to a study published by Oral Health America, only two percent of senior citizens in America have any kind of dental insurance. Nevertheless, figures from the American

Auto Salvage

Recycling Can Help Your Local Enviroment

Recycling Is Good For The Planet And Local Economy As interest picks up in environmental issues, recycling has become more common. Many people know that you can recycle glass, plastic and paper, but did you know that you can also recycle cars? Auto recycling is the process of selling cars to junk cars buyers, who then sell the car for parts or recycle the steel so it can be used again. You get cash for junk cars all while supporting the Phoenix, Arizona economy and helping the planet. According to the Automotive Recyclers Industry, enough cars are recycled to

Auto Services

Arizona’s Automotive Industry Keeps Dollars Local

Automotive Businesses Create A Thriving Local Economy Small businesses in Arizona provide good-paying, local jobs that support the local community. Arizona’s automotive businesses, many of them locally-owned, represent a thriving industry that collectively contributes millions to the state’s tax base. Those taxes help pay for schools, roads and other important state services. That’s how supporting the local auto industry helps the local economy thrive. Statistics reveal just how much impact buying auto parts and getting auto repair from a locally owned automotive business can affect the economy. According to Local First Arizona, a buy-local advocacy group, $73 out of