Recycling Can Help Your Local Enviroment

Recycling Is Good For The Planet And Local Economy

As interest picks up in environmental issues, recycling has become more common. Many people know that you can recycle glass, plastic and paper, but did you know that you can also recycle cars?

Auto recycling is the process of selling cars to junk cars buyers, who then sell the car for parts or recycle the steel so it can be used again. You get cash for junk cars all while supporting the Phoenix, Arizona economy and helping the planet. According to the Automotive Recyclers Industry, enough cars are recycled to create 13 million new vehicles each year and save about 85 million barrels of oil.

There are many ways to recycle. Most Arizona towns have recycling programs that feature curbside pickup for commonly used household items, such as newspapers and bottles. For other items, such as batteries and plastic shopping bags, special recycling locations are available around the city. Visit your city’s website for more detailed information.

Most forms of recycling do not pay, but auto recycling does allow you to receive cash for junk cars. To start the process of auto recycling, contact your local junk car buyer and request a free quote. After receiving your quote, you can choose to receive cash or donate the money to charity. Auto recyclers generally pick your old, unwanted automobile, making it easy to recycle scrap metal and old parts while also helping Arizona’s economy.

Recycling helps Phoenix in several ways. First, it helps keep the environment healthy and reduces the amount of raw materials necessary to create consumer goods. For people interested in auto recycling, doing business with local junk cars buyers creates jobs. Many auto recyclers employ local residents. They also pay taxes and spend money in Phoenix, Arizona, further helping the local economy.

By selling your unwanted automobile, you help other local residents who need parts, but can only afford used ones. Used parts can cost half as much as new parts, according to the ARA. Other potential buyers for used parts include people who restore cars or drive old models and need old parts that can only be found at auto recyclers.

Laws regarding recycling have not changed for the past several years, but in 2007, an Arizona law passed requiring people who wanted to recycle metals such as copper, brass and stainless steel to provide their fingerprints for transactions exceeding $25. The law was in response to thieves who were stealing valuable metals, according to The Phoenix Business Journal.

Recycling industry associations spoke out against the law, saying it hindered the public’s efforts to recycle scrap metal. The law specifically exempted auto recyclers from seeking fingerprints, and so people wanting to receive cash for junk cars needn’t worry about complying with the law.

If you’re interested in helping the environment and local economy by receiving cash for junk cars, contact local auto recyclers to start the process and learn how much your old car is worth.

Also, consider continuing to recycling your paper, plastic and junk mail to keep Phoenix, Arizona beautiful and our environment a healthy place to live.